Why we offer property market analysis - and not valuations

At PropertyData we avoid offering individual property valuations using a so-called “Automated Valuation Model” (AVM).

That's because we're perfectionists when it comes to providing pricing and other data of the highest accuracy, and we believe that automatically creating accurate valuations of properties remotely is simply not possible – any property valuation requires specific and often subjective information about the specific property that it is simply not possible to get remotely.

We think that companies that claim to offer automatic remote valuations of individual properties are giving false precision for something that can never really be accurate.

Instead, we focus on making PropertyData the UK's best provider of accurate, reliable and up-to-date property market analysis on a local basis – including our market-leading pricing by property size, type or internal area (price per square foot).

For any local area we can return pricing averages and a range of confidence intervals. You can then combine this with additional facts that you may know about a specific property (e.g. fit-out quality, condition, aspect, layout, immediate surroundings) to automatically or manually come up with your own valuation figure.

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