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Tax calculator 2018/19

Personal (including Section 24) vs incorporated with ATED

With ever more complex tax rules, it can be hard to estimate tax liability and determine whether incorporating would be cost effective. This calculator simplifies the basic calculation.

Annual tax calculation

Profit & loss

Rent received
True costs
True profit

Filing as individual

Income tax 1
Effective rate

Filing as company

Corporation tax 3
Dividend tax 4
Total tax
Total effective rate

1 Including 50% phased-in 'Section 24' rules limiting mortgage interest relief to 20% for all taxpayers

2 For more information see ATED rules

3 Calculated at 19% rate on profit after ATED

4 Calculated using your marginal rate and assuming that you pay all post-tax profits out as dividends, and that you have previously used up your £2,000 dividend allowance

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