Evaluate: How to find the size (area) of a plot of land

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Using the Plot Map tool on PropertyData, it's easy to find out the precise area of any plot of land in England or Wales, using data sourced from the Land Registry and updated monthly.

Start by entering a full postcode (or co-ordinates or a what3words address) in the Plot Map tool:

Once the Plot Map loads, there may be a short pause while the land title outlines load (you can see a progress bar in the top left).

When fully loaded, hover over and plot to confirm its boundaries (blue lines mean private ownership, orange mean corporate, and red mean offshore corporate).

As you hover over, you'll see the size of the parcel in acres displayed next to your mouse:

If the land title only has one parcel, then you already have your answer (here 0.88 acres). But let's click to load the title explorer on the right and check:

In this case, another parcel is highlighted and title explorer tells us the land title (ON53150) is a total of 1.54 acres.

Finally, we can click the little 'i' button next to the total area to confirm:

The parcel breakdown shows this plot comprises two parcels, the larger one is 0.88 acres while the second is 0.65 acres, making up our total of 1.54 acres.

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