Evaluate: How to get an HMO valuation

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Our unique HMO valuation uses live data from the room rental market to provide an rental and sale valuation for HMOs of any size in any urban or suburban area in the UK.

Navigate to the Valuation tool in the 'Evaluate' menu to start, and select the 'HMO' option:

You'll need to enter a few basic details about your HMO – including the full postcode, finish quality, and whether it has features such as a living room, parking or outside space.

Then you'll be asked to define the room configuration of the HMO, from the four room types. You can add or delete rooms as appropriate.

Click 'HMO valuation' and after a short wait you will see your valuation. At the top of the page you'll see a summary of the information you provided written in plain English.

Below, you'll see the sale and rental valuations. For HMO valuations, we start with the rental valuation, calculated using live data from the room rental market.

We then work backwards to value the property for sale, by comparing the rental valuation and expected rental yields in the area.

Below the valuation we'll provide detail on each room type you included, showing the comparables used to estimate the rental value, both on a map and in table format.

Finally, at the bottom we'll highlight a few bits of data about HMOs in the nearby area that we used as part of the valuation process.

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