Evaluate: How to measure the built-up area of a property

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Measuring the built up area of a plot, in square footage and as a proportion of the plot area, is important from a planning perspective.

By measuring a plot and also it's near neighbours, you can provide data to support the assertion that a proposed development is not overdevelopment of the plot.

Start by entering a full postcode (or co-ordinates or a what3words address) in the Plot Map tool:

Once the Plot Map has loaded, you'll see the beautiful base layer provided by our friends at Ordnance Survey. Known as the MasterMap®, this is the gold standard in UK mapping and shows building footprints and other physical dividers and features.

You may need to wait a short while for the land titles to load (you'll see a loading bar in the top left).

Then, you can hover over the map to highlight the land titles of interest.

The land title boundaries will be highlighted when you hover over. The colour will depend on the ownership type (the key is on the left side), and the area of the parcel will also be shown.

If you click the land title, the title explorer will load on the right side of the map, displaying further information about the property including the description, title number and much more.

Look for the 'Analyse buildings' function at the bottom of the Title Explorer. Click it, and the system will beginning analysing the buildings on the site.

For each building, the system will overlay on the map a popup with the building footprint, eaves height and ridge height.

In the title explorer, the system will show the % of the plot that contains built footprint.

By comparing nearby plots, you will get a sense of whether a particular plot is 'underdeveloped' by the standards of the area.

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