How to find HMO rental data

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PropertyData is the easiest way to quickly find HMO pricing and rental data through the whole of the UK

Start by creating a new search around the area you are interested in HMO data for.

Once looking at the PropertyData dashboard, click to the 'Rents' tab and then the 'HMO room let' subtab

On the left-hand part of the screen, you will find HMO pricing data for the defined area, segmented by room type (double en-suite, double shared bathroom, single en-suite, and single shared bathroom).

As always with PropertyData, each dot represents a live market data point, and you can click to view details of the room to judge how it compares to rooms in your property.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will find some overall statistics about HMO rooms in the area - for example how many have include internet access, parking, or a communal living room.

This might guide you on the facilities likely to be expected by tenants from HMO rooms in a given area, or where gaps in the market exist.

Another useful tool on PropertyData is the HMO rent estimator. This allows you to get a quick estimate for the total monthly rent of any configuration of rooms in an HMO property.

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