How to find properties by square foot

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Once you are familiar with the PropertyData interface, it can offer a quick way to identify properties by square footage or price per square foot.

Start by creating a new search area containing the area you are interested in.

Once you arrive in the 'Prices' tab, switch to the 'Asking prices (by square foot)' subtab.

Prices per square foot are then displayed in a typical PropertyData scatter format. This chart shows an average price of £966/sqft. The softly downwards sloping trend line indicates that, on average smaller properties have a slightly higher price per square foot.

As usual with PropertyData, every point on the chart is a live market data point - a property currently marketed for sale in your drawn area.

Depending on your strategy, you can visually identify properties of interest in different places on the scatter plot.

For example, properties with larger square footages are near the top of the chart. Properties that are cheap per square foot on the left, and properties that are expensive for the area on a price per square foot area are on the right side of the chart.

Click into any property to see further details, and click all the way through to the property portal listing if desired.

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