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PropertyData is the quickest way to analyse demographic data on a local level. Our demographic data is sourced directly from the Office for National Statistics and covers the whole of England & Wales.

A powerful way to explore high-level demographic data is using our Postcode Data. Click onto map view (in the top right) to explore the data visually.

The grey tabs at the top indicate the range of data points mapped at postcode district level. The right-most three tab are the demographic options:

  • % of population with degree
  • % of population in social group AB
  • % of population living on social rent

If you zoom in four times, the postcode district data will be replaced with postcode sector data, which is more granular.

To view a wider range of demographic data at a much more local level, it's time to switch over to our Local Data tool.

After adjusting your target area, generate the data and switch to the 'Demographics' tab:

On this tab you'll find a fascinating array of data. The first three subtabs show Deprivation, Health, Education data for your local area mapped using the smallest possible units (officially known as 'output areas') in the census.

Hover over each output area and the official code and data point will appear on the left.

The last three subtabs show Work, Travel and Age/political data broken down into easy to read charts and data.

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