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The PropertyData property development calculator is designed to give property developers initial feedback on the profitability of a potential development scheme, informed by our extensive market data.

You'll find the calculator in the Evaluate section of the website:

You'll need to enter the full UK postcode of the project, pre- and proposed post-development square footage, and the project type and property type. If your project is a green field development, you should put the pre-development square footage as zero.

Further advanced options that you can consider will alter the stamp duty, professional fees, contingency and finance costs calculations.

Click 'Calculate', and the calculator will show you the development profit calculations:

The table rows you will see are:

  • Purchase price - the same figure you entered
  • Stamp duty - the SDLT payable on purchase (additional rate stamp duty is assumed)
  • Legals - a flat allowance of £5,000 for legals and other similar costs
  • Demolition - if applicable, the demolition required at £6.50 per square foot
  • Architects - architects fees and other professional fees, calculated at 12% of construction cost
  • Construction - construction budget, based on the new square footage & our construction cost data
  • Total costs - all the above costs summed
  • Value £/sqft - average asking price £/sqft in the local area, adjusted for finish
  • Total value - the total saleable value of the development
  • Profit - the profit in £
  • Profit % - the profit as a proportion of total costs

Make sure to take a careful look at the notes section at the bottom – this contains further information on how some of the assumptions and calculations in the model were derived.

Remember, this is an initial viability calculation. You should naturally develop your own more complex cost model if our model suggests a project is viable.

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