Make data-driven development decisions

How property developers can use market research in decision-making

Identify development areas

PropertyData contains a wide range of market research to help you identify areas that meet your property development criteria.

Use the national postcode table to compare areas by key metrics such as price, rental yields and even local demographic characteristics.

National £/sqft price data

No platform at anything close to a comparable price offers accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date price per square foot data for local UK property markets.

Our data can help you ensure your development finances stack up, and give you a realistic idea of the market value of your post-development GIA.

Understand the local market composition

Analyse any urban area in the UK to reveal a breakdown of the property market composition in that area.

See data on average occupants per household, average bedrooms per household and average property size and ownership to ensure your development meets the needs of the local area.

Explore demographics at local level

Understand your potential buyers and ensure your developments are fitted out at the right level using our local demographic data.

See statistics on social grade, age breakdown, educational levels, vehicle ownership and more.

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