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Start your property investing journey by using PropertyData, the most powerful research tool for the UK residential property market

Our postcode data shows key property market data for every postcode district in the UK

Postcode data

Comprehensive data updated daily showing key property investment statistics for all UK postcode districts

Postcode data

We track the best rental yields in the UK by postcode district

Yield hotspots

Using live market data to track where the postcode districts in the UK with the best rental yields

Yield hotspots

We maintain a list of major government infrastructure and regeneration spending in the UK.

Growth zones

A database of areas receiving government infrastructure spending and regeneration programmes

Growth zones

Our charts library contains a wide range of charts illustrating house prices and property market health

Charts library

House prices

Market health

Economic data

PropertyData has data on construction costs in regions throughout the UK

Construction costs

Discover building construction costs by square foot or square metre in different UK regions with our cost data

Construction costs

We track council tax rates in councils throughout the UK

Council Tax Index

A Council Tax Index setting out the average Band D Council Tax rate in council areas around the UK

Council Tax

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