Privacy Policy

We adhere fully to the requirements of UK data protection legislation and will endeavor to protect your privacy and maintain the security of any personal information we hold about you at all times. The purpose of this privacy policy is to let you know what personal information we may collect about you and how we may use it. Any personal information we hold about you is stored in secure facilities that fully comply with the requirements of UK data protection legislation.

We will never pass your personal information to any third party, except for information that is required for the validation of any payment cards you may use when signing up as a subscriber.

When you subscribe to our service, we need to know your name, contact, payment and address details. This allows us to process your subscription request. You may choose to withhold any personal information that is not required for the payment process.

In order for us to process your payment card when you subscribe to our service, the bank or card processing company may require to verify your personal details for authorisation outside the UK or European Union. Your personal information will not be transferred outside the UK or European Union for any other purpose.

We use your contact information so that we may contact you about further information that may be of interest to you, including updates about the website.

In order to maintain the accuracy of personal information we hold about you, you are entitled to review, update or remove your personal details by contacting us.

On our website, like most websites, we use a programming technique called "cookies" to facilitate subscriber access to our site. A cookie is information that our website sends to your internet browser which is then held on your computer. You can change your browser settings to prevent the storing of cookies. Information held in cookies can be used to identify you.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us.

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