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The power of PropertyData is grounded in the work we do to source, clean up and constantly refresh data from 24+ different sources, so that you don't have to. We believe in data transparency so we always credit the source data and history clearly.

Monthly property transaction data and land title boundary data for all of England & Wales

The gold standard of UK base maps with buildings & physical features accurately represented

Property internal areas & energy scores, quarterly housing supply data, and Council Tax bands & rates

Monthly property transaction volumes for the whole of the UK

Our proprietary system for analysing over 1.2 million listings on the major property portals in near realtime

Statistical data on house prices, economic metrics and demographics for the whole of the UK

Monthly property transaction data for all of Scotland

Property internal areas & energy scores and Council Tax bands and rates for Scotland

State school performance and review data for England

99% of planning applications submitted nationwide

Construction cost regional variance data for the whole of the UK

UK-wide data on internet availability and speeds

Data on the public transport connectivity within Greater London

Monthly-updated data on mortgage lending, repayments, approvals and interest rates

Monthly crime data for England & Wales

Geographic data on Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Data on independent schools for the whole of the UK

Data on the risk of flooding from rivers & sea in England

Train station location geodata for the whole of the UK

Interest base rate as adjusted from time to time

Local restaurant hygiene data for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Council Tax bands and rates for Wales

Detailed local data on voting patterns in elections and referenda

Mobile photo signal strength by provider throughout the UK

Logos and brand names shown on this page are trademarks of the respective organisations. Our relationships with data sources include both contractual arrangements and the use of publicly available open data. We do not necessarily have a formal relationship with the organisations whose logos are shown.

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