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You can enter a full UK postcode, a precise what3words address, lat,lng coordinates or a Land Registry title number

OS MasterMap®

The UK's gold standard base map, showing accurate building footprints and physical boundaries

Plot boundaries

Precise title boundaries updated monthly from the official Land Registry data

Analyse buildings

Measure building footprints, eaves/ridge heights, and built up percentage of any plot


Comprehensive information on leasehold titles contained within any freehold title

Detailed plot metadata

Official address, last sold date/time, internal area (GIA), easements & covenants

Planning applications

99%+ coverage of all planning applications UK-wide, regardless of local authority

Ownership data

Type of owner (private or corporate) for all plots, plus name, address and key financials for corporate owners

£/sqft values

See at a glance average sold £/sqft values for the immediate surrounding area

Development warnings

Green belt, AONB, National Park, flood risk, internet speed, mobile phone coverage and more

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