How to find local property sold prices per square foot

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The UK property market is increasingly seeing price per square foot (£/sqft) used as a way to value property and compare different properties.

PropertyData provides a quick and easy way to query a comprehensive data set of sold prices per square foot, based on property sales in the last 15 months.

Start by creating a new local data search around the area of interest.

Once you have generated the data and arrived at the dashboard on the 'Prices' tab', click on the fourth subtab labelled 'Sold prices (by square foot)'.

You will see a large scatter plot with red points that indicate all the property sales in the last 15 months. Each point shows the square footage of the property (Y-axis) and the £/sqft of the sale (X-axis).

If you click a point, you will see the property's address and a summary of the sold price per square foot calculation.

Unfortunately due to the limited nature of Land Registry data, it is not currently possible to provide photos, floorplans or other details of the properties sold.

Within the examined area, £/sqft will vary according to the quality of the layout and finish of the property's interior. Exterior amenities such as a garden or parking will also inflate a property's price per square foot.

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