How to find property comparables

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Finding comparable properties is a critical process for property investors, agents and developers.

With PropertyData finding comparables has never been easier.

Start by creating a new local data search around the area you are looking for comparables in.

Once you click 'generate data', you'll see the PropertyData dashboard, by default in the prices tab, which shows scatter plots of live market asking prices broken down by the number of bedrooms in the property.

Each dot represents a single property. Identify the plot relating to the number of bedrooms your reference property has, click a dot near the average line in that plot, and click 'View property details'.

This will open up the property fact sheet, showing data about the property in question. You can quickly jump through to Zoopla or Rightmove for further property details.

Based on how this property compares to your reference property, select some further properties above or below the average line.

By continuing this process, you will be able to determine which properties most closely match the attributes of your reference property, and therefore a reasonable asking price for that property.

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