How to identify property investment areas

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PropertyData is the perfect tool for using data to identify possible property investment areas.

The best place to start is often the national postcode data table. This area lists all the postcode districts in the UK, with a variety of key investment statistics based on live market data.

Once you're signed in to PropertyData and have loaded the table, click the 'filter postcodes' option just above the table.

You can then enter multiple filters to narrow down the postcode districts that match your investment or development criteria.

For example, you might want to identify postcode districts that have a rental yield of at least 6%, but have also grown at least 30% in the last 3 years (of course, past growth is no guarantee of future growth!).

Alternatively, if you a property developer you might be interested in identifying areas where the price per square foot is at least £500, and the crime rate is below 100 crimes per thousand people.

The best thing about the filterable national data table is you can narrow down the districts to support whatever your investment strategy is.

Once you have your filtered list of areas, we recommend you click through to view the full local data for each area that interests you using the 'View data' link.

This will allow you to explore in more detail all the data about the area, as well as save it to your saved dashboards so that you can easily revisit it and track price changes over time.

From the national postcode table, you can also download your filtered list to save or examine later using the 'Download .csv' option just above the table.

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