Research: How to compare local property markets

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Comparing local property markets might be useful in many situations:

  • Comparing possible investment or development areas
  • Comparing an area you are familiar with as a benchmark against one you do not know
  • Benchmarking multiple areas you have existing investments in to compare performance

PropertyData's Local Data tool, along with our Saved Areas functionality, is a great way to keep track of and compare a number of areas that interest you.

Start by running a new Local Data search for the area of interest:

Once looking at the PropertyData dashboard, click 'Save' next to 'Unsaved area', and enter a name to remember your area by.

Now go to your 'Saved' area, accessibly any time you are logged in with the prominent green button in the top right. You'll start in saved Local Areas by default.

Saving local areas one of the most powerful ways to use PropertyData. As well as allowing you to compare the headline statistics for areas side-by-side at any time, you can also quickly and easily jump back into Local Data to view all the available data.

Once an area has been saved, the 'Monitor' tab in Local Data will activate too, logging key statistics daily for you.

Finally, we'll send you monthly emails with updates on the headline statistics for all your saved areas, another low-effort way to to keep your finger on the pulse of the market in those areas.

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