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PropertyData is designed to help property investors and developers choose investment areas that match their strategies, and do so using up-to-date data and analytics.

If you have a blank canvas, the best place to start Postcode Data tool. Here you'll find all the postcode districts in the UK, with a variety of key investment data:

Let's first take a look at the big green 'Customise columns' button. Using this, you can change the default columns into a wide range of different data points, depending on what is of interest to you:

Your customised columns will save on your device so you can see them again when you visit Postcode Data in future.

Now you've selected your preferred columns, let's have a look at the result count at the top. You'll see that there are more than 2,000+ districts by default (note that some districts, usually very rural ones, are excluded if the property market is very small).

The next step is to add filters according to your investment strategy, reducing the number of postcode districts down. You'll find the 'Filter' button at the top of the table.

For example, here's how you would add filters to show only postcode districts that have a rental yield of at least 5%, with a £/sqft of less than £500, and the crime rate is below 150 crimes per thousand people per year:

As you can see, once we apply this filter we've reduce the number of postcode districts down to a much more manageable number of postcode districts.

You can click 'Trend' on any individual postcode district to see how see how the major investment metrics have moved for that district since March 2019.

Once you've identified an area for further research, click 'View' to transfer the area into our Local Data tool. This will allow you to explore in more detail all the data about the area, as well as save the area so that you can easily revisit it and track daily price changes over time.

You can also download your filtered list to save or examine later using your spreadsheet software using the 'Download' button at the top of the table.

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