Research: How to see all planning applications in an area

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PropertyData has data on 99%+ of planning applications in the UK since April 2019.

There are multiple ways you can see planning data on PropertyData, but if you want to see all applications in a local area, the best place is our Local Data tool.

Create a new area you are interested to see planning data for

Click onto the 'Area' tab, and the 'Planning' subtab will load by default:

By default all applications in the last 12 months are shown. There is a colour scheme for 4 major categories – you can see the key at the bottom left of the map.

The size of each marker gives an approximate visual indication of the significance (measured by estimated construction cost) of the application.

Click any marker to see all the data we have about that planning application, and click through to view on the Local Authority website:

Just above the map, you'll see some summary data about the aggregate volume of planning data found, including the proportion of applications that are successful.

Let's look at the filter options available, at the top. By default all applications are shown, but you can filter to show positive outcomes, negative outcomes, or pending/neutral applications.

The age filter to the right allows you to change the age range of applications shown. By default the most recent 12 months of applications are shown, but you can select a range from 1 month to 24 months.

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