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The UK residential property data API

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To use the PropertyData API you simply need to sign up for an API account instead of a regular account.

API accounts include 40 credits per month to use on the web app for data discovery.

Switch to web
API 2k

£25 /month

API 5k

£40 /month

API 15k

£80 /month

Max calls per month 2,000 5,000 15,000
Approx cost per call 1.3p 0.8p 0.5p
Access all API methods
Start free trial Start free trial Start free trial
Prices exclude 20% VAT No contract - cancel anytime Larger packages on request
Maximum 500 calls during free trial Existing user? Switch in your account area

Pricing FAQ

What counts as a 'call'?

Any call to any of the API methods counts as one call. You can track how many calls you have made in the current period in your account area. Read the API documentation to get an understanding of the methods and the data that they can return in a single call.

Are there any limits during the trial period?

Regardless of the plan you are trialling, you are limited to a maximum of 500 calls during the trial period. We typicall find this is quite sufficient for integration and testing purposes. You can start your paid plan early if you are ready to continue.

Do I have to buy particular geographical areas?

No - with PropertyData all plans have unrestricted access to local data through the whole of the UK. The limit is only in the form of how credits you have per calendar month to run local data searches, plot map searches or valuations.

What areas are covered?

Unlike many property analytics companies, we cover the whole of the UK with the majority of our data sets. On our coverage page you can see exactly which API methods are available in which countries.

What types of payment do you accept?

Debit or credit card including MasterCard, Visa and American Express via our secure online order form when you sign up.

Can I change my plan at a later time?

Yes! During your free trial you can change between the plans any time. Once your payment plans starts, you can still change plan easily, but there may be a mid-month top-up charge.

Can I buy an annual subscription?

We feel that a monthly subscription is the best option for subscribers, as it ensures that you are not locked in and we must earn your renewal payment month by month. Therefore, we do not offer annual subscriptions at this time.


Please contact us if you have any questions at all. We have a famously fast email support service, answering many messages within a matter of minutes.

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