Property Market Health

Last updated: 06/01/2022

Keep your finger on the health of the property market using the charts on this page. We're tracking important housing market indicators, including Rightmove traffic, lending statistics and UK transaction numbers. The data goes back to January 2009.

Mortgage interest rates

Average quoted 3yr fix (75% LTV)

Transaction volume

No. transactions in UK (£40k+, seasonally adjusted)

Rightmove traffic

Index of Google search volume

Mortgage approvals

No. of all UK mortgage approvals

Mortgage lending

Gross new mortgage lending

Mortgage repayments

Total value of mortgage repayments

Mortgages in arrears

Mortgages in arrears of 1.5% or more of the outstanding balance

House price to earnings ratio

House price to earnings ratio


Repossessions by county court bailiffs

New dwelling completions

Permanent dwellings completed in England

New dwelling starts

Permanent dwellings started in England

Source: Building Societies Association, HMRC, Bank of England, Halifax

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