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Property data for Bradford

Prices, rents, yields, growth & more in Bradford

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Bradford sits in the foothills of the Pennines 8.6 miles west of Leeds, and forms part of the West Yorkshire Urban Area. Historically a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, Bradford rose to prominence during the 19th century as an international centre of textile manufacture, leaving a legacy of a large amount of listed Victorian architecture. Braford has seen millions of pounds worth of investment in regeneration projects in recent years, to transform the centre with new public spaces, water features, improved transport links and the restoration of the historic architecture to create desirable inner city living spaces.

Investment property in Bradford is as diverse as the population, with luxury flats, semi-detached and detached family houses, villas, terraces, warehouse conversions, loft apartments as well as Victorian and old Edwardian terraced cottages, spacious bungalows and also small developments of executive houses. The long-let investment property market has often produced strong rental yields in recent years. Bradford has emerged as minor UK tourist destination too, becoming the first UNESCO 'City of Film', so short-let investment property may also be a consideration.

There are 16 postcode districts with significant property markets in and around Bradford, and here we break down key property data for each.

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AreaAvg yieldAvg price£/sqft5yr +/-Explore data
BD1 9.5% £59,364 £127 +15% Explore data
BD2 4.0% £139,407 £150 +18% Explore data
BD3 6.1% £84,048 £75 +14% Explore data
BD4 4.9% £112,714 £130 +14% Explore data
BD5 5.3% £94,039 £86 +18% Explore data
BD6 - £117,837 £136 +15% Explore data
BD7 4.5% £110,562 £95 +13% Explore data
BD9 4.1% £144,117 £117 +15% Explore data
BD10 - £171,840 £173 +19% Explore data
BD13 - £179,288 £165 +18% Explore data
BD16 3.7% £191,384 £184 +17% Explore data
BD17 3.8% £223,853 £195 +17% Explore data
BD18 3.4% £166,460 £158 +15% Explore data
BD20 2.7% £227,532 £195 +16% Explore data
BD21 5.7% £88,772 £99 +15% Explore data
BD22 3.9% £160,139 £156 +16% Explore data
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