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Exeter is a cathedral city and the county down of Devon, with a population of around 130,000. Exeter became a religious centre during the Middle Ages, and during the late 19th century became an affluent centre for the wool trade. Exeter is now considered to be a centre for modern business and tourism in Devon and Cornwall.

Investment property in Exeter comes in many forms – detached house, semi-detached houses and terraced homes are all common, and there is a wide array of period and luxury apartments as well. As well as long-let investments, the presence of the University of Exeter in the town ensures a healthy market for student lets, and a considerable flow of tourists visiting the city and the wider South West region ensures that holiday short lets can also be a viable investment.

There are 13 postcode districts with significant property markets in and around Exeter, and here we break down key property data for each.

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AreaAvg yieldAvg price£/sqft5yr +/-Explore data
EX1 3.4% £305,160 £286 +15% Explore data
EX2 3.5% £298,082 £282 +17% Explore data
EX4 4.4% £269,357 £281 +16% Explore data
EX5 3.5% £289,204 £266 +17% Explore data
EX8 2.9% £275,663 £288 +18% Explore data
EX10 2.6% £376,058 £314 +19% Explore data
EX13 - £274,072 £243 +19% Explore data
EX15 - £309,739 £250 +16% Explore data
EX16 2.7% £305,084 £237 +17% Explore data
EX17 2.6% £320,664 £231 +17% Explore data
EX32 2.8% £257,076 £213 +18% Explore data
EX34 2.3% £268,676 £208 +17% Explore data
EX39 3.1% £265,952 £221 +18% Explore data
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