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Luton Town Hall by Richard Thomas is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Luton is a large town with a poplation of around 215,000 sitting 29 miles northwest of London. The town's foundation dates to the sixth century as a Saxon outpost on the River Lea, and Luton was for many years famous for hatmaking, and also had a large Vauxhall Motors factory.

London Luton Airport opened in 1938, and is now one of Britain's major airports.

Older housing can be found in Barfield and High Town (which is a more deprived area), while Crawley, Northwell, Saints and Wigmore have mainly 20th century property stock and newer housing stock can be found in Bramingham and Lewsey.

Other population residential areas include Challney, Farley, Icknield and Leagrave.

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