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Plymouth is a city on the south coast of Devon. The city's early history extends to the Bronze Age, when a first settlement emerged at Mount Batten. This settlement continued as a trading post for the Roman Empire, and throughout the Industrial Revolution, Plymouth grew as a commercial shipping port, handling imports and passengers from the Americas, and exporting local minerals. Significant rebuilding and expansion after heavy bombing in World War II led to the incorporation of the outlying suburbs in 1967.

Investment property prices and property types in Plymouth are varied, catering to many target tenants and budgets. The investor can choose from detached properties, semi-detached, terraced houses, flats and luxury apartments to suit singles, couples and families.

There are 9 postcode districts with significant property markets in and around Plymouth, and here we break down key property data for each.

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AreaAvg yieldAvg price£/sqft5yr +/-Explore data
PL1 4.4% £177,097 £196 +15% Explore data
PL2 4.9% £163,546 £168 +16% Explore data
PL3 3.8% £224,309 £199 +19% Explore data
PL12 3.0% £284,563 £211 +19% Explore data
PL13 - £284,599 £245 +21% Explore data
PL14 3.1% £274,700 £207 +19% Explore data
PL15 - £267,898 £205 +18% Explore data
PL19 - £300,378 £245 +19% Explore data
PL28 - £550,283 £444 +21% Explore data
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