Property research

How you can use PropertyData for property research

Pinpoint rental yield hotspots

PropertyData tracks the top rental yield hotspots in the UK in real-time, with several local areas currently capable of achieving rental yields of over 10%.

Analyse the local market

Analyse any urban area in the UK - draw an area and view real-time house prices and rental yields, along with historical capital growth, market composition and local demographic information.

Comparables analysis

Jump from local area analytics into individual property fact sheets to fgure out whether a property is fairly priced.

Compare areas side-by-side

Save areas side-by-side to compare key statistics such as yields, average prices and 3-year capital growth. Review possible purchase areas, and monitor how existing properties are performing.

Find investment properties fast

The easiest and quickest way to find investment property: find available properties that fit your budget, location and size criteria, selecting only from the areas with the highest rental yields.

Rent benchmarking

Ensure you are charging an appropriate and competitive rent to minimise void periods and improve monthly return. Analyse the local rental market and benchmark against similar properties.