Evaluate: How to estimate gross development value (GDV)

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PropertyData provides a special tool for estimating the Gross Development Value (GDV) of a new build development of multiple houses and/or flats in England & Wales.

Visit our Valuation tool in the Evaluate menu to get started, and select the 'Whole development' option:

You'll need to enter a range of details to get your GDV. First, the full UK postcode of the development.

Then, in the matrix below, enter the number of units of each type (rare unit types, such as 1-bed houses or 5-bed flats, are not available to choose).

Finally, choose the finish quality of the development, and importantly enter the Gross Internal Area (GIA) of the whole development. Our GDV algorithm makes good use of our class-leading £/sqft data, which is why entering the GIA accurately is required.

Once you've entered all the fields, click 'Estimate GDV' and after a short wait you'll get your GDV.

At the top you'll see a summary of the inputs you provided in plain English.

Next the important bit – a sale valuation on the left (with the margin of error shown below), and a rental valuation on the right.

Following these headline figures, we'll explain in more detail some of the data behind your valuation, starting with the transactional £/sqft comparables we found, followed by averages for the asking price comparables we found for each unit type.

For each of these sections, you'll see a map with the data points on the left, and a table with the address, price, distance and a link to further details on the right.

Right at the bottom of your valuation, you'll find a summary of a couple of extra factors that we have taken into consideration.

Looking back at the top of the your valuation, there are some further actions you can take. You can go back and adjust your inputs or download the valuation as a PDF. Subscribers on the unlimited 'Max' plan can make these PDFs branded with the logo and primary colour – great for presenting to potential investors or lenders.

You can also jump to analyse the area in our Local Data tool, or the plot in the Plot Map tool.

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