Evaluate: How to estimate property development build costs

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We use construction cost data to help you estimate the total build cost of a property development anywhere in the UK.

You can find the Build Cost Calculator in the Evaluate section of the website.

You'll need to enter the full UK postcode of the development site, as well as the total gross internal area (GIA) in square feet of each unit type of the development:

Although the calculator is geared towards larger developments, it can be used for single unit developments too – simply enter '1' in the appropriate box.

Once you click 'Calculate build cost' the simple results table will be shown:

The table confirms the UK region used, and breaks down the £/sqft and subtotal cost for each unit type.

The total cost is then shown below. A note at the bottom will show if a volume discount has been used as part of hte calculation.

As with all our construction cost £/sqft data, the figures shown are the average total construction cost per square foot of internal area. The £/sqft includes all labour and material construction costs (including first and second fix) and contractor's margin and preliminaries. They do not include: land purchase costs, utility works, groundworks, site works, client direct costs and professional services fees.

And of course all £/sqft figures are data-derived approximations - the exact £/sqft for any project will naturally depend on the specific site, project details, construction firm used and many other factors.

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