Evaluate: How to find the owner of a plot

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PropertyData's Plot Map tool is a the perfect place to start if you're curious about the ownership of a plot (land title) in England or Wales.

Start by entering a full postcode (or co-ordinates or a what3words address) in the Plot Map tool:

There may be a short wait while the land titles to load. Then hover over the plot(s) of land that you are interested in.

You might notice a colour scheme – privately owned titles are blue, corporate owned titles are orange, while offshore corporate owned titles are red.

You can click 'Toggle all title outlines' on the left to show all the outlines at once – a handy way to visually identify corporate / offshore corporate owned titles.

To view more detail, click a particular parcel to open up the relevant land title in the title explorer pane.

This will confirm the plot's Land Registry description, as well as a range of other important data points.

You'll find the ownership information at the bottom. If the owner is a corporate entity, we can confirm their name and you can click 'More' to see information on the company and their financial statistics, if available.

Furthermore, you can then click 'All titles' to see a list of all land titles in England & Wales owned by this same corporate entity.

If the owner of the plot is a private individual, we can't confirm their name for GDPR reasons, but you can click 'Land registry documents' at the bottom to open up in one click to the screen to purchase the title register from the Land Registry for £3.

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