Evaluate: How to look up the internal area of a property

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Particularly with the increasing importance of £/sqft as a way of valuing properties, knowing the internal area of a property is useful and important.

Using PropertyData it's possible to look up the internal area of most properties in England & Wales.

The data is derived from the Energy Performance Certificate data from the Ministry for Communities, Housing & Local Government, and any property sold and rented to new tenants in the last 10 years is normally included.

You'll find the Internal Area Lookup tool in the Evaluate menu of the website. Start by typing the full postcode of the property you are interested in:

The results page is straightforward and lists all the known internal areas in the postcode you entered:

Particularly if there are lots of results, you can type in the filter box at the top to narrow down the results.

Individual properties may have multiple results. Pay attention to the date – if the internal area has changed significantly between two results, that may indicate the property has been extended.

Because the data is drawn from Energy Performance Certificates which are carried out by independent energy assessors to a regulatory standard, the data is a relatively small margin of error. The energy rating of the property determined on the same date is also shown.

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