How to find local rental yields


As a property investor, one of the key metrics for any potential investment property is the rental yield you can expect to receive on the property.

PropertyData has unrivalled local rental yield data, which you can access for any urban area in the UK, and which is broken down by number of bedrooms.

Start with a new local data search and define the area you are interested in, ensuring to create an area that is large enough to have meaningful data, yet small enough to be relevant.

Once happy with the area, click 'Generate data' and the PropertyData market analytics dashboard will appear after a short while.

Navigate to the 'Yields' tab at the top, and you'll find the average rental yields for your defined area, broken down by number of bedrooms.

By default you'll see the long-let rental yields, for a traditional assured shorthold tenancy (AST). Depending on the data available, you will also be use the tab submenu to see rental yields for HMO properties.

Remember, the yield of a specific property will vary based on a number of factors, and the numbers in PropertyData are local averages.

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