How to find property prices per square foot

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One of the most effective way to value urban property, and to compare valuations between properties, is to use the price per square foot (£/sqft).

Historically £/sqft data has been difficult to come by, but PropertyData has a database of live asking prices per square foot covering many urban areas throughout the UK. Start by creating a new local data search around the area of interest.

Once you click 'generate data' at the PropertyData has loaded on the 'Prices' tab, switch to the second subtab labelled 'Asking price (by sqft)'.

You will see a large scatter plot with red points showing all the £/sqft values for your defined area.

Each dot represents a live asking price and square footage data point. If you click a point, you will see a summary of the £/sqft calculation.

By clicking 'View property details', you will be able to access the property fact sheet, and ultimately click through to Zoopla or Rightmove to see the full property details.

By inspecting a range of properties in the area, you will be able to understand the range of per square foot prices, and the factors that help determine a property's price per square foot.

Within an area £/sqft tends to be determined by the quality of the space, for example layout, proportions of rooms, fitout of kitchen and bathrooms, external views, etc.

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