How to track local property prices over time

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Members of PropertyData can use the software to easily track how property prices in a local market are changing on a daily basis.

Start by creating a new local data search around the area you would like to track

Once looking at the PropertyData dashboard, click 'Save' next to 'Unsaved area', and enter a name to remember your area by.

You'll then see the area added to your dashboards. Because every local area is unique, data for your specific area will start collecting daily from the moment you save your dashboard. The first data will be available in a few days.

To see how the area has changed in the future, find it in your saved dashboards and click it to return to the dashboard tabs.

Then click the 'Monitor' tab from the dashboard. You will see charts of how the average asking prices and asking prices per square foot in the area have changed daily since tracking started.

This data will continue every day for as long as your keep this dashboard saved in your account.

Remember, if you change the data collection area for the saved dashboard, daily price history will be reset to ensure a fair comparison.

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