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Understanding potential construction costs is an important part of any property development project.

Average construction costs per square foot for new build properties in the UK range from between £100/sqft to £340/sqft. Factors that affect construction cost per square foot includes the region of the country the project is in, the type of property (e.g. house or flat), and the standard of finish of the completed development.

Knowing the average construction costs for projects in your region can give you an advantage in modelling a project's potential profit, and in understanding and negotiating with contractors during the tender process.

PropertyData provides high-level construction cost data in the Research section of our website.

The data covers six UK regions: London, South, Central, North, Scotland and Northern Ireland:

The headline £/sqft figures shown are the average total construction cost per square foot of internal area. The £/sqft includes all labour and material construction costs (including first and second fix) and contractor's margin and preliminaries. They do not include: land purchase costs, utility works, groundworks, site works, client direct costs and professional services fees.

These figures are approximations - the exact £/sqft for any project will depend on the specific site, project details, construction firm used and many other factors.

Other data shown on a region-by-region basis include costs for different labour types, commonly used materials, typical preliminaries percentage, average contractor's margins, and crane hire costs.

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