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Once you are familiar with PropertyData's Local Data tool, you can use it to identify properties by square footage or price per square foot.

Navigate to Local Data in the Research section of the website and define the area of interest:

After a short pause you'll arrive on the 'Prices' tab. While keeping the data in 'Asking prices' mode, switch the segmentation to '£/sqft':

The usual Local Data scatter plot is shown, showing the average £/sqft (at the top) and 80% range (at the bottom). In this example the softly downwards sloping trend line indicates that, on average smaller properties have a slightly higher price per square foot (this is normal in most areas, but in prime areas the trend reverses).

As usual with PropertyData, every point on the chart is a live on-market property.

What you do next depends on your strategy, but the principle is to identify the location on the scatter of the type of deal you are looking for:

  • Properties with larger square footages are near the top of the chart
  • Properties that are cheap on a £/sqft basis are at the left of the chart
  • Properties that are expensive on a £/sqft basis are at the right of the chart

Clicking on any property will show the basis details:

And clicking 'View details' will take you all the way through to the full property fact sheet for this on-market property, with the opportunity to view the listing on the originating portal:

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