Research: How to see property price maps or yield maps

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PropertyData visualise key property market statistics nationwide, in an easy-to-digest map format, to quickly identify national trends and areas of interest for your property investment strategy.

You'll find these maps in our Postcode Data tool in the Research menu.

Click to switch to 'Map' view in the top right and the colour-coded heatmap will show:

At the bottom you'll notice the key showing how the colours represented the range of values. If a district is shaded white, this means there was insufficient data for us to display a result on the map. PropertyData will always only display data when the sample size is sufficient.

By default the map is visualising Average asking prices, but the menu at the top allows you to choose between many different options:

  • Average asking prices
  • Average £/sqft
  • Average rents
  • Average yields
  • Sales per month
  • Turnover %
  • Historical capital growth (1, 3 or 5 year)
  • % of population with a degree
  • % of population in social group AB
  • % of population living on social rent

Once you zoom in 4 levels, postcode districts will be replaced with postcode sectors for more granularity. You may notice more gaps, as some postcode sectors do not have sufficient data.

Click on any component of the map to see the number for that district/sector, and click 'View data' to see more in our Local Data tool.

Remember, these are high-level statistics for the whole postcode district/sector. Yields, for example, are calculated using the simplest methodology based only on average prices/rents.

Viewing the data at more depth in our Local Data tool will always give you a more detailed breakdown of the property market in the area.

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