Research: How to track local property prices over time

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If you're interested in how property prices have changed at a postcode district level, you can find this data in our Postcode Data tool.

Click the 'Trend' button next to any postcode district to open the data:

The data goes back to March 2019 and you can use the menu at the top to switch between average price, average £/sqft, average rent, sales per month and turnover.

If you'd like to follow price changes at a more local level, we can track them for any area in the UK using our Local Data tool, although the price tracking can only start once you have created at the area.

Start by creating the area of interest in the Local Data tool:

Once looking at the PropertyData dashboard, click 'Save' next to 'Unsaved area', and enter a name to remember your area by.

This area has now been added to your saved Local Areas. You can access you saved Local Areas at any time when logged into PropertyData using the prominent green 'Saved' button in the top right.

We'll now begin tracking the most important headline data for this area for you on a daily basis. The first data will be available after a few days.

To see the daily tracked data, hover over 'Actions' and click 'Local Data', then click the 'Monitor' tab:

This data will continue every day for as long as your keep this dashboard saved in your account.

Remember, if you change the data collection area for the saved dashboard, daily price history will be reset to ensure a fair comparison.

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