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Sometimes a seller needs to sell a property more quickly than a typical transaction. This may be a private seller in a chain who needs to close quickly, or an investor selling to move money around in their portfolio. Depending on how quickly exactly the seller wants to close, properties requiring a quick sale may sell for a discount below market value.

On our 'Properties for quick sale' sourcing list we look for on-market opportunities where the agent has indicated that the property is priced to sell, or that the vendor requires a quick sale.

To find quick sale properties with PropertyData, click the 'Quick sale' option in the Sourcing menu at the top of the site.

The recommended way to search is with your home postcode, and enter the maximum distance you would travel to view or manage an investment property.

Have a look at the result counter (just below the input box) which will update to show you the number of results found as you adjust the radius.

Another way of searching is to create a saved local area and then search for opportunities within that area.

Once you click 'Search', you will be presented with the results grid:

Using our de-duplication algorithm, each property should appear only once, even if it is listed with multiple agents or on more than one portal.

Clicking on an individual opportunity will take you through to the property on the originating portal. Make sure to install our browser extension to see extra information alongside.

Options at the top allow you to Filter the results, adjust the radius, sort the results, or view in different formats such as table or on a map.

You can also enable email alerts, so that you can be notified daily of new properties in this category.

In the top right you'll find two of the most advanced functions.

The 'Intersect from list' button allows you to find properties which are on more than one of our lists. If you don't require a mortgage, for example, you might look for Quick sale properties for Cash buyers only – this will accelerate your ability to move fast on the property.

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