Which councils have the lowest Council Tax?


Local annual property taxes in the UK, known as Council Tax, are low by international standards.

In standard long-let rentals (assured shorthold tenancy), the tenants are responsible for paying the Council Tax. However in an HMO (house of multiple occupation), the landlord is responsible for the Council Tax.

Even where the landlord is not paying the Council Tax directly, it is the nature of economics that higher Council Tax will discourage tenants and result in lower achievable rents, therefore property investors should potentially favour properties in lower tax areas.

PropertyData ranks councils in the UK annually on the tax burden they place on the average ('Band D') property in their area.

In 2018/19, we rated two councils as 'Very Low Tax', five councils as 'Low Tax', 46 councils as 'Average Tax', 55 councils as 'High Tax', and 44 councils as 'Very High Tax'.

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