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N. Ireland

For a full UK postcode and a range of required parameters relating to a particular UK multi-unit development, returns an estimated gross development value (with +/- margin of error) for that property, as well as a total rental value. The only available AVM in the UK that uses market £/sqft data as part of the valuation.


key Your API key Required
postcode A full UK postcode Required
flat_0 How many 0 bed flats
flat_1 How many 1 bed flats
flat_2 How many 2 bed flats
flat_3 How many 3 bed flats
flat_4 How many 4 bed flats
terraced_house_2 How many 2 bed terraced houses
terraced_house_3 How many 3 bed terraced houses
terraced_house_4 How many 4 bed terraced houses
terraced_house_5 How many 5 bed terraced houses
semi-detached_house_2 How many 2 bed semi-detached houses
semi-detached_house_3 How many 3 bed semi-detached houses
semi-detached_house_4 How many 4 bed semi-detached houses
semi-detached_house_5 How many 5 bed semi-detached houses
detached_house_2 How many 2 bed detached houses
detached_house_3 How many 3 bed detached houses
detached_house_4 How many 4 bed detached houses
detached_house_5 How many 5 bed detached houses
finish_quality Interior finish quality (premium, medium or basic)Required
internal_area Internal area in square feet



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