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Getting started


Every request to the PropertyData API requires a key.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to experiment with the API.

HTTP method

Every request to the PropertyData API should be a GET request.


We support CORS, which allows Javascript requests to be made across domains. Each response contains the Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header that enables CORS.

Nonetheless, exposing your API key in publicly visible source code is not recommended. You remain responsible for any and all calls made to the API using your key.

Data collection logic

Most API methods require you to supply a UK postcode - full (e.g. 'W14 9JH'), district (e.g. 'W14') or sector (e.g. 'W14 9').

If you supply a full postcode, data will be collected by enlarging a circle around that postcode until the required number of points (typically 20 by default, although you can customise this) has been found. A 'radius' value in miles will be returned to indicate how large the circle was expanded. Using this method, you should receive data in 99%+ of cases.

If you supply a postcode sector or district, all data in that sector or district will be used. Using this method, you are more likely to receive an insufficient data message.

Data coverage

Due to source data limitations, some methods do not work across all constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Coverage for API methods is as follows:

EnglandWalesScotlandN. Ireland

* PTAL is only relevant for Greater London postcodes

* The 'Repossessed properties' list is not available in Scotland

Response times

Heavy data processing is carried out at run-time for many API methods. Therefore, response times may be higher than you are used to with other APIs. We consider a 1,000ms response time to be average for most methods. As a result, we advise you not to call our API as a critical-path component of your application at run-time - we suggest an asynchronous call instead.

We are constantly working to improve performance of the API. The processing time is returned with every API call; if you are receiving numbers that you consider to be excessively high, please get in touch with debugging information so we can investigate.

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