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Error reference

All the possible errors returned by the PropertyData API, with further explanation and recommended actions:

CodeMessageExplanation / recommended action
X01Invalid API methodCheck the API method is spelled correctly and that it follows immediately after the base URL, e.g. https://api.propertydata.co.uk/method-name. If in doubt, try with the example URL from the documentation first.
X02Missing input: keyYou have not supplied an API key. Every PropertyData API call requires a key, in the querystring using the variable 'key'. If you're logged in to PropertyData, the example URLs in the API documentation are automatically populated with your API key.
X03Invalid input: keyYou supplied an API key, but it was not recognised. Check that your key is correct. Note that this is the error you would receive if you regenerated your API key in your account home, but were trying to use the old key in your application.
X04Monthly plan limit exceeded: N callsYou have reached your API plan call limit. Note that calls limits are reset at 00:01 on the first day of each calendar month. Consider upgrading your plan.
X05Account associated with API key cancelled or card declinedThe PropertyData account associated with the API key you supplied has been cancelled or had it's card declined. Login and reactivate the account if you wish to continue using the PropertyData API.
X06Missing input: postcodeYou have not supplied a postcode. All API methods except 'stamp-duty' require a full UK postcode, in the querystring using the variable 'postcode'.
X07Invalid input: postcodeThe postcode you supplied was not recognised as a full UK postcode. Most of the time this means the postcode is not valid, although it can also mean the postcode is newly allocated. Try a different postcode.
X08Insufficient data foundNot enough relevant data points could be found to return analytics. See 'Data collection logic' in Getting started to understand more.
X09Uncaught exceptionAn unexpected error occuring in processing your API request. Please contact us, copying and pasting your API request URL.
X10Full postcode required for this methodYou cannot use a postcode district or sector on this method, please use only a full UK postcode.
X11Method only available in England & WalesDue to source data limitations, some PropertyData API methods are only available in England & Wales. See the Getting started page for a breakdown.
X12Invalid points: min 15, max 100If you supply the number of points to analyse, this must be between 15 and 100. Otherwise the default of 20 will be used.
101Missing filter: you must supply at least one filter (bedrooms or type)On the 'prices' and 'rents' methods, you must narrow the analysis by supplying at least one filter ('bedrooms' or 'type') in the querystring. Add a filter to your request.
102Invalid filter: number of bedroomsThe value you supplied in the 'bedrooms' filter variable was not valid. Valid values are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
103Invalid filter: typeThe value you supplied in the 'type' filter variable was not valid. Consult the valid types list.
202Unable to generate demographic data for this postcodeThis error should not occur. It is possible it could occur on special-case postcodes, or near national borders. Contact us or try a different postcode.
401Value provided not recognised or out of range (1 - 10000000)Stamp duty can only be calculated for prices of £1 to £10,000,000. Enter an integer in this range.
402Region provided not recognisedThe value you supplied in the 'region' variable was not valid. Consult the regions list or remove the region value to use 'england' as default.
403A transaction cannot be both for a first-time buyer and an additional propertyYou entered 1 for both addtional rate stamp duty and first-time property. It is not possible for a transaction to be made both a first-time buyer and as an additional property.
501Unable to identify councilWe couldn't figure out the council from the valid postcode provided. This should not happen - please contact us us and let us know the postcode, and we will fix this.
601No planning coverage hereThere is no central national database of planning applications. Our planning database currently covers 205 out of 430 planning authorities in the UK. We hope to increase this over time.
602Invalid input: decision_ratingValid values for decision_rating are 'positive', 'negative' or 'neutral'
603Invalid input: max_age_decisionThe valid input for max_age_decision is an integer, minimum 1, maximum 365.
604No planning applications matching filterPlanning applications were found in this area, but none that matched your filters.
701Missing input: field_nameThe named field is missing. All fields are required for valuations.
702Invalid input: field_nameThe named field is invalid. Consult the API documentation and accepted valuation options list and correct your inputs.
801Title not foundUnable to find a title number matching the title number you provided.
901Invalid filter: classThe value you supplied in the 'class' filter variable was not valid. Valid values are 'old_stock' or 'new_build'.
902Invalid filter: tenureThe value you supplied in the 'tenure' filter variable was not valid. Valid values are 'freehold' or 'leasehold'.
903Invalid filter: typeThe value you supplied in the 'type' filter variable was not valid. Consult the valid types list.
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