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N. Ireland
By default 10 results are returned at the cost of 1 API call. If you request additional results, each 10 results (or part thereof) will count as 1 call against your API key's monthly limit.

For a given full UK postcode, returns the closest planning applications (that match the optional filters).


key Your API key Required
postcode A full UK postcode Required
decision_rating 'positive', 'negative' or 'neutral'
category Filter by category (list)
max_age_update Show only applications updated in last X days Default none, min 1, max 1000
results Increase the max number of results returned by the API. Larger result sets will count as multiple API calls; eg. 53 results will cost 6 API calls. Optional. Default 10, min 10, max 200



Number of planning data points returned limited in example response for brevity

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